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Turkish Sea Cucumber - TSC is a brand of Eciens Gida Denizcilik ve Dis. Tic. Ltd. Sti. exporting wholesale sea cucumbers worldwide markets and located in Izmir Turkey. With our experience for more than 10 years in aquaculture and seafood industry, we always aim to provide healthy and high quality products to plates. Main products of Sea cucumbers are Holothuria Tubulosa and Holothuria Polii, Holothuria Mamata.

We care about environment and importance of sustainable fishing methods of harvesting sea cucumbers. We believe protecting sea cucumbers is a major concern therefore TSC only making business with licensed boats and divers for collecting species and comply with regulations.

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Sea Cucumber Species

Dried & Frozen Holothuria Tubulosa

Dried & Frozen Holothuria Polii

Dried & Frozen Holothuria Mamata

Order Samples

Premium Quality Dried Sea Cucumber Wild Holothuria Tubulosa - 8oz / 225 gr

Quality Policy

All of our factories are authorized and approved by Ministry of Agriculture with given HACCP certifications also has FDA certification to export Sea Cucumbers worldwide and authorized by China government to import mainland. We do our best to maintain of a desired level of quality in a service or product and attention to every stage of the process of production and delivery. We aimed to be a leading in processing and to achieve this goal, focusing quality policy on the basis of customer satisfaction.

TSC, within this frame has adopted to fully meet the needs of customers, development of products in the international quality and standards, produce and put on market, comply with contractual terms and legal requirements and quality management system requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of this system as quality policy.

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Heris Tower - Akdeniz Mahallesi Şehit Fethi Bey Caddesi No:55 Kat:9 35210 Alsancak – Konak, Izmir / Turkey

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